Portrait Retouching: Remove Skin Blemishes and Eye Bags from a Photo

Here is a beautiful young girl portrait. But you can find she has dark eye bags and many black marks on her face. What do you do? You can use PT Portrait to help her get rid of all the nasty skin imperfections.

after retouching


1. Basic: Open image in PT Portrait. The photo has a blue cast and appears a little cool, so adjust Temp slider to make it warmer. Then add some contrast.
portrait retouching basic
Click ‘Next’ button or press ’Enter’ to next step ‘Fitting’.

2. Fitting: Following the user guide in the right panel, move facial outlines to the right position.
portrait retouching fitting
Click ‘Next’ button or press ’Enter’ to next step ‘Makeover’.

3. Makeover:
a) Click icon skinarea to make sure the skin retouching area is correct.
Tip: To keep the skin shadow, reduce its opacity.
portrait retouching skin area

b) Move skin spots and wrinkles sliders to right to reduce most of the redness and black spots on her face. Smooth skin properly. Then use Blemish Removal Tool icon blemish to erase the rest of the skin imperfections.
portrait retouching blemish removal

c) Use Around Eye sliders to remove eye bags, lighten dark circles under eyes.
portrait retouching eyes

d) Lastly, sharpen eyes, make lips rosy and bright.
portrait retouching else

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