How to Add a Sun Flare Glow Effect

retouch before after

A sun flare glow effect will add a soft and warm light glow to your photo, make it look more attractive. Let's see how to do it.

Step 1 – Open an image

Open an image in PT Photo Editor, do some global adjustments if needed then switch to Regional Edit module (F3).


Step 2 – Add a gradient

Click gradient icon or press [G] to open the Gradient tool panel. Select Radial mode. Click or drag a line in the image to create a gradient area.

gradient panel gradient

Step 3 – Add a photo effect in Foreground panel

To create a warm sun glow feeling, first I increased the Exposure, Saturation to make the gradient area brighter, and decreased some Clarity to make it look softer, then I tweaked Temp slider to the right and added an orange color filter to make the image tone warmer.

foreground panel effect

Step 4 –Use eraser to reduce the effect over the main subject

Usually, reducing the effect over the main subject can help it pop from the background. So use eraser to clean up the effect a little if needed.

eraser panel eraser

Final Result


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