How to Fix Spots with Blemish Removal Tool

blemish removal

When you have an image which needs some spot fixing you can often do the work in PT Photo Editor easily. PT Photo Editor has a Blemish Removal tool available for fixing blemishes and removing problems such as spots caused by dust on your camera’s sensor.
To see how to use Blemish Removal tool, start by selecting an image to fix. Locate the Blemish Removal tool which is situated in the tool stripe below the Navigator. You can also select it by pressing its shortcut key B.

blemish removal1

Adjust the brush size using the slider or mouse wheel. Your brush size needs to be large enough to cover the area to fix. If you want to add some transparency to the fixing area, drag the Opacity slider to the left.

blemish removal2

You can click on the area to fix and leave PT Photo Editor to choose the source image data to fix it with or click on the part of the image to fix and continue to hold the left mouse button as you drag to find an area to use to for the fix. You will see a preview of how the fix will look to help you determine a good part of the image to use. Only let go the mouse button when you have your selection in place.
When you have released mouse button, you will see two circles on your image. The circle with the thinner edge is the selected area and the circle with the thicker edge defines the area you are fixing.

blemish removal3

If you did not get the fix exactly right you can click inside either of the circles and drag the selected circle to a different position. You can also select a circle and then readjust its size or opacity.
Before applying the fixing, to hide the circles, move the mouse pointer out of the image.

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