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Operation System Requirements Version File Size Download

OS version: Windows 7(Platform Update)+
Architecture: 64-bit only
DirectX: 11.1+
Photoshop version: 8.0(CS)+
Lightroom version: 2.0+
5.1 66.3MB Download

Mac OS
OS version: Mac OS X 10.13+
Architecture: 64-bit x86/ARM
Photoshop version: 13.0(CS6)+
Lightroom version: 2.0+
28.6MB Download

What's New


  1. Adds a slider in "Skin Imperfections" panel to automatically reduce eye-bags.
  2. Minor improvements and bug fixings.
  3. The "Home License" section of EULA is updated.
  4. Stability improvements.


  1. Improves performance of GPU algorithms.
  2. Adds an option to allow disable/enable GPU acceleration.
  3. Fixes a bug which could cause crashing in specific scenarios.
  4. Minor improvements and bug fixings.


  1. Uses new exclusive skin smoothing algorithm to achieve smoother skin while maintaining natural looking.
  2. Minor improvements and bug fixings.


  1. Uses hardware(GPU) acceleration for UI rendering if possible.
  2. Supports RAW formats from newer camera models.
  3. Minor improvements and bug fixings.


  1. Both app and plugins run natively on Apple Silicon Mac devices.
  2. Fixes compatibility issues.


  1. Improve RAW image loading algorithm to achieve better visual quality.
  2. Supports RAW formats from newer camera models.
  3. Supports opening HEIF/HEIC files.
  4. Adds "Display P3" color profile as an output option.
  5. Fixes compatibility issues with PaintShop® Pro.
  6. Minor improvements and bug fixings.


  1. Adds an option to automatically exclude facial features area from skin mask.
  2. Supports applying as smart filter in Photoshop.
  3. Adds 3 output options for the filter plug-in to accomplish composite operations(Only available in Photoshop CC 2017+).
  4. Improves algorithm of "Skin Imperfections" sliders.
  5. (Mac)Supports opening HEIF/HEIC files.
  6. Requires Mac OS X 10.13+.
  7. 32-bit Windows is no longer supported. If you still need 32-bit version, please contact us to get old versions.
  8. Minor improvements and bug fixings.


  1. Bug fixed: On MacOS 10.15(Catalina), the "Save as" function does not work.


  1. Adds Skin Imperfections panel, which is useful for removing redness and yellow area on the skin, making the skin tone even.
  2. Minor improvements and bug fixings.


  • Bug fixed: While working as PS filter, "refine masks" have no effect.


  1. Users now can use brushes to refine the skin-mask generated from colors.
  2. Creates skin-mask in CIELAB color space to improve stability & adaptability, especially for cool-toned portraits.
  3. Improves highlight & shadow algorithms to make them more usable.
  4. Adds top menu-bar.
  5. Supports saving batch configurations as presets.
  6. Displays progress bar while opening large file.
  7. Adds Italian language.
  8. Minor improvements and bug fixings.


  1. Supports working as Lighrtoom plugin(Export Filter) and External Editor.


  1. Add Batch Processing.
  2. Improve skin smoothing algorithm to retain more strong details.
  3. Bug fixing.


  1. Supports high DPI display devices.
  2. Bug fixing.
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