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  • Advanced and easy to use tools and features allow you to edit pictures like a professional fast
  • Full-time 16-bit processing and full color management for a high quality result
  • Support quick batch processing
  • Powerful but amazing lightweight
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Crop Tool

Crop Panel

The Crop Tool allows you to select an area of an image and discard everything outside this area. It can help you recompose your image.

Crop a Photo

Before Crop Select Rectangle After Crop
  1. Select the Crop tool in the tool strip, or press "C". An outline with adjustment handles appears around the photo.
  2. Drag in the photo with the Crop Frame cursor or drag a crop handle to set the crop boundary. Corner handles adjust both image width and height.
    Note: If you want to Crop to a specified aspect ratio, choose an aspect ratio from the Aspect drop-down menu on the right. Choose Original to specify the photo’s original aspect ratio. Choose Add Custom Ratio to specify an aspect ratio that is not listed.
  3. Reposition the crop frame by dragging the photo within the crop frame using the Hand tool.
  4. Click Apply in the Crop tool panel or double click on the photo when you’ve finished cropping.
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